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An HVAC company serving Bucks and Montgomery County, including Norristown, Lansdale, Doylestown, New Hope and the surrounding areas.
Your air ducts might be out of sight, out of mind but they can affect your health and your wallet every day. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your air ducts ensure improved air quality and increased energy efficiency. Complete duct cleaning is a professional-level job. Call on the experts at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning for the cleanest, healthiest ducts.

Duct Cleaning In Bucks County

The average family creates 40 pounds of dust per day in their home—the majority of which get caught in your duct system. For people with allergies and asthma, breathing in that stockpile of dust is a health concern. Remove harmful irritants in the air through a thorough cleaning performed by our HVAC specialists.

Duct Cleaning For My HVAC’s Health

Just as excess dust puts extra wear on your respiratory system, it does the same to your HVAC system. Dirty air ducts drastically reduce system lifespan as dust particles build up on and clog sensitive mechanical components. Keeping your HVAC system in check year after year can offset the cost of duct cleaning. Duct cleaning is especially important if your home is located in an area with high pollen or dust, like the Bucks and Montgomery County region. It is also crucial to keep your dryer vents clean to prevent potential hazards! Don’t hesitate to call us for an air duct cleaning service on your HVAC system.

Save Money with Clean Ducts

Dust particles settled on your home’s HVAC system force the system to work harder to heat or cool your home, rendering even the most efficient HVAC systems wasteful. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25% to 40% of the energy used for heating or cooling a home is wasted—much of it from dirty ductwork. Consult with One Hour Air and enjoy the savings. Contact us today for an air duct cleaning service!

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